Jinpachi (from Tekken 5) is way overpowered


Video proof of how overpowered Jinpachi is. This is not a “freak success”, this is how 90% of my fights using Jinpachi. It would be 100% but sometimes I get bored and start experimenting. ;)

When I started playing Tekken 5 I quickly became annoyed at how insanely, unfairly overpowered Jinpachi is. With characters that I wasn’t much good with I could spend half an hour trying to defeat him. It wouldn’t be too bad if it was because of skill on Jinpachi’s part, as that is what fighting game should be all about – skill. However, Jinpachi is not more skilled than any other character, and doesn’t even have to be. He is so hard to beat because his moves are extremely easy to do and cause insane amounts of damage. Some of them, like the fire (featured in the video), cannot be blocked or avoided by jumping/ducking, only sidestepping (and you have to be careful not to do it too fast). The non-damaging stun attack (used at the start of the attack) is something sompletely otherwordly. It’s nearly unblockable, has a huge range and requires almost no recovery time. You can actually keep the enemy paralyzed indefinetly. And the most devastating moves are so easy to do. Here is the entire button sequence from the video: Back+LP+RP, LP+RP, LP+RP, LP+RP

I’m guessing that that is the main reason why Namco decided not to give players any “legitimate” way of unlocking him, and players are forced to use cheat devices like CodeBreaker, Action Replay or Gameshark to achieve this. I’m quite angry with Namco for doing this.

For the interested, here’s the Codebreaker code that I use. You can select Jinpachi by holding down R1 in the character selection screen and selecting a character to play with using one of the four attack buttons (each will give different appearance for Jinpachi, as with normal characters). Works for both players:

If you use this mastercode:
9010C128 0C04627E
Code is:
DA27C242 B200160F
1A16C179 0000004B
DA27C242 B20F860F
1A16C179 0000004C
DA27C242 B20FD60F
1A16C179 0000004D
DA27C242 B20FF60F
1A16C179 0000004E
DA27C243 B200160E
1A16C17A 0000004B
DA27C243 B20F860E
1A16C17A 0000004C
DA27C243 B20FD60E
1A16C17A 0000004D
DA27C243 B20FF60E
1A16C17A 0000004E

If you use official mastercode:
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
99A26F0F 67C04144
1BB2FE10 8530631E
7BC719B4 E44055F2

Code is (untested):
ECF98633 BED00C10
549512D2 E678ED34
43593DAB 8BCA1EF1
9948A466 1A6BBEEB
B4E619BC 34FCC308
7C4A927C 1C16E521
D48CB686 E5358494
2E0C2507 5B8A7634
746D7512 7F1D6F71
C9235631 C4BEDE01
91F0CEDF 053721BF
8F0E78C4 D203FAB6
DCC818E9 4DA8189C
CD881D4F ED65DB97


~ by Shadowbird on 2008-05-02.

10 Responses to “Jinpachi (from Tekken 5) is way overpowered”

  1. The code for the Offical Code worked but its not playable for Player 2

  2. OK, thanks for the information. I suggest using the first version then. :)

  3. I have codebreaker version 10.0 and i tried the official code but it froze during that little space mini game at the start of the game, need help

  4. Then I suggest you use the unofficial code. I have not tested the official one and am not going to, I only pasted it from a guide on GameFAQs for completeness sake. Take any issues up with the author of http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/920588/36299

  5. hey shadowbird how to get jinpachi i konw whit action replay but how to use the action replay plz help me out

  6. Omega.M, Google it. Or buy it, and an instruction manual should come with it.

  7. i did that but it don’t work do you konw what i have to do

  8. I don’t know, I use GameShark.

  9. how do you add the code in ya ps2

  10. man im sorry but i dont understand! I need to create a Cheat named jinpachi no? and inside that cheat i need to put the MASTER CODE and all the codes u writed below a master code? Please help me i want jinpachi soo much and im a noob at this! atleast can you do a video on how to get jinpachi on codebreaker and show in that video how to do and the codes you used!

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