Religion is a medical treatment…

…for mentally deficient people. Trying to promote common sense by suppressing religion is the absolute opposite of the correct way of going about it, like trying to heal cripples by taking away their canes, crutches & wheelchairs. In a mentally sound, healthy society religion will die out on its own, discarded and treated as a historical museum piece used by a tiny minority (like wheelchairs would be in a society that discovered affordable limb regeneration).

However. That does not make it OK for people in the wheelchairs to try and make the rest of us abandon our “different” lifestyles (of walking, running, climbing, etc.) and force their medical treatments on perfectly healthy people. Not only is that wrong in the sense that forcing anyone to change his personal life or attitude (apart from preventing others from getting hurt) is wrong, it’s also wrong for the very objective reason that medicine is actually harmful to a person who does not need it. A alcoholic might need God to be able to get his life together, but for an up-and-coming scientist with a career, strong belief in the irrational, absurd and always-in-the-future rewards & punishments that no-one is able to confirm or deny will only end up destroying his life (and possibly a lot of others, like if he was in stem-cell research, for example).

~ by Shadowbird on 2009-10-19.

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